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Second Annual #Pryntsgiving Giveaway

This year, we have so much to be thankful for. As you start to reflect back on all the things you have accomplished and all of the great things that have happened this year, we would like to announce our second annual Pryntsgiving giveaway! We want to thank you for sticking by us and supporting us throughout this whole year.

Like last year's giveaway, one lucky person will win a Prynt Case and 100 sheets of Prynt Paper!


Here's How To Win:

1. Follow us on any of the following social media networks

2. Post a picture of someone/something you are thankful for!

  • Facebook: Post your photo to our timeline and use the hashtag #Pryntsgiving
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The Perfect Gift: Where to buy Prynt

When Prynt first launched, we were available exclusively on our website. We're so excited to now be available at top retailers all over the world. Here are some places to find Prynt this holiday season!

The Perfect Gift.png

  1. Urban Outfitters: You can find us in-store in both the US and UK and online.

  2. Amazon: On Amazon, the Prynt Case is under the "Made on Kickstarter Collection" amongst 300 other Kickstarter projects on the Amazon Launchpad page. The Amazon Launchpad is the company's digital storefront for hardware startups and crowdfunded projects.

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DIY Pop Patchwork Poster Board

Are you always looking for ways to be more organized ? Well, we've got just the DIY for you to help you with this issue. This simple DIY Pop Patchwork Poster Board will not only help you organize your life, it will also spice up your room with its bright colors.


Here's what you need:

  • Cork bulletin board
  • Pushpins
  • Glue
  • Colorful paper
  • Gold tape
  • To-do lists, post-its, etc
  • Prynt Photos

Step 1:

Cut your paper into geometric and harmonious shapes in order to stick them to the board.


Step 2:

Illuminate your board with the gold tape.


Step 3:

Gather your Prynt Photos and attach them to the board with pushpins.


Step 4:

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Share to win free Prynt Paper this Halloween!

There's only a few days left until Halloween! Some of you may have already found your Halloween costume, some of you may have no idea what you want to be yet, and some of you may not have a desire to dress up at all. Well, if you're either in the second or third category, maybe Prynt's Spooktacular Fright Fest will motivate you to find or make a costume and dress up.


Here's How To Win:

1. Follow Prynt on Instagram (@prynt)

2. Share your halloween-themed Prynt on Instagram with the hashtag #MyPrynt

3. Don't forget to tag @Prynt

That's all you need to do to be entered to win 100 sheets of Prynt Paper! Our team will vote and pick 3 winners.

To learn how to share the story inside your Prynt, click on this Youtube video here.

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How to create a recipe book with photos

When someone asks where you use Prynt, the kitchen is probably not the first answer you think of. It may not even be an answer for you at all. But if you love food and getting creative, this blog may change your mind!

We've teamed up with Urban Outfitters to show you exactly how useful Prynt can be in the kitchen. We celebrated National Pancake Day by using Prynt to take step-by-step pictures to put in a recipe book. Here's a sneak peak:

How to create a photo recipe book.jpg


How to create a photo recipe book.jpg

Want to see the how raspberry buttermilk recipe? Head to Urban's full blog here.