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Prynt is about sharing moments and communicating with each other in new and unique ways. We think we’re creating something really special, but it won’t work without your cooperation and help! When reading these guidelines, it’s important to always remember the spirit in which our product was made—to share moments with one another in a fun, positive way across a diverse community of people.


While Prynt will always try to provide you with a platform to express yourself openly, there is some content that we don’t allow on our service for the good and safety of all of our users. These guidelines apply to both shared photos themselves and the magical video clips that are tied to them.

Nudity and Sexual Content

Dangerous and Violent Content

Illegal Content

Misleading Content

Above all else, we hope you’ll respect the Prynt community and the service we’ve been building for you. Looking for loopholes or ways to break our service isn’t cool—we invest a lot of trust into you in order to innovate and deliver new features. These guidelines were written and are continuously tweaked with you mind—at Prynt we’re open to suggestions and will evolve our policies with the growth of the community.

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