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Getting started with your Prynt Case.

In the packages you received, there should be a Prynt Case, the adapter you selected, a micro-USB cord, and a 10-pack of ZINK® Sticker Paper (including a blue Smart Sheet).

To set up your Prynt Case:

  1. Open the paper hatch on the Prynt Case and insert the paper, blank-side up, with the blue sheet on the bottom.
  2. Attach the adapter by sliding it in at a 45-degree angle, prong side first, toward the top of the paper hatch and then press down gently on the entire adapter until you hear two clicks—to make sure it’s connected, you can pull on the end of the adapter and it should stay attached to the Prynt Case.
  3. Push the semi-circle button on the handle of your Prynt Case to lift the adapter and then slide in your smartphone.
  4. If you haven’t already, download the Prynt app on your phone and you’re ready to Prynt!

The blue Smart Sheet in each pack of paper allows you to recalibrate your Prynt Case and cleans the printhead. We recommend that you run the Smart Sheet through your Prynt Case before every 10-pack of paper to ensure the best print quality. Just Insert the Smart Sheet barcode side down, and print a photo normally through the app.

Please note that your Prynt Case may arrive uncharged, which is indicated by a blank light next to the shutter button. Use the micro-USB cord included with your Prynt Case to charge it. When the light turns green, you’re ready to go!